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by Russell Streur

Eighty names of God


Barton Wood is Chillin'
Six feet under in Texas earth.
So is Elwanda Fisher
Brave and Beautiful.

Jeannie Hutchens is Gone Dancing.
Melvin Childers is Gone Fishing.
Tammy Franklin Went Home.
George E. Manning is Traveling On Alone.

Estela Saenz spoke in tongues.
Norma Fowler filled her bingo card.
Dorothy Jackson's hour came.
Deborah Lamb
Felt the touch.

Whopper Gonzalez
Turned his back
And left it all.


Buddy Ragsdale Crossed The River.

Guy and Mary Campbell say Till We Meet Again.
So does Bill.

Charles Benefield is cheering on the Crimson Tide.
Charles Vincent Rafferty III is hearing Drums.
Sarah Plaster and Virginia Copeland are sleeping side
by side.

Doc Hines is dozing in the pines.
Eleanor Holman is stretched out in the sun.
Louis Dupree is taking in the breeze.
Charlotte Chase is resting in the shade.

Howdy Hazel is up the slope.
Connie Pilgrim is by the brook.
Amy Wolfe is beneath the oak.
Roy LeCraw is In Business With The Lord.

Charlene Barber Lived Free.
Florence Balut was A Woman Before Her Time,
Sacha Womack a Dream Come True.

Brian McNamera is Safely Home.
Messina Mathews is Moving On.

Lena Thompson is Lost To Sight.


Lea Dermer Did Not Die In Vain.
Celia Reitman Labored Mightily To Build A Better
Bertha Frankel Bravely Fought When Hope Was Denied.

Celia May is At Rest.
Aaron Goldman is At Rest.
Sophie Nelson is At Rest.
Alexander Buzin's name is A Whisper on the Wind.

Frances M. Auslander Went In The Morning
Like A Rose.

With A Cheery Smile And A Wave Of The Hand
Max Phillips Wandered Into An Unknown Land.

Sarah Wedinsky Departed September 5, 1956,
Destination not disclosed.

Dora Leskovitz is Cherished Always.
Harold Lederer is Tenderly Remembered.
Joe and Bella Scher are Together Forever.

Estelle Klein: Sister
Mildred Cohen: Friend.
Cypra Rosen: Sage.
Fannie H. Lyons: Rebel.


Emily McCrea
Rises from the bench
At the foot of her grave
Sunset on Oak Hill
When the autumn shadows grow
Beneath the monuments and tombs
And she walks among the stones
In dianthus and aster
From clay to shade
Tending to her garden
In the wilderness across the river
Softly stroking every flower on her rounds:

Peggy Gulledge, Beloved
Miles Dunlap, Beloved
Monica Hackett, Beloved
Inslee Brown, Beloved
Helen Ware, Beloved
William Crelly, Beloved
Sarah Powell, Beloved
Eddie My Love.


Lottie Smith is Beyond the Sunset.
Barbara Jean Ledwell is Just Fine Now, No More
Bonnie L. Samples Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven.
Duck Reams Isn't Dead He Is Just Away.
G. Jack Simpson is A Free Bird Now
Charles A. Payne went to Go Rest On That Mountain.

Bullah H. Pelham was Booba to her friends.
Ruth McClarney Carson was a Nurse.
Vivian Ruth Mashburn loved the lighthouse on Fenwick
Island Delaware.
She loved the ballet too.
Hollie Marie Jackson is Asleep In Jesus.
So is Margaret Stokes.

Almeda Mason is Gone But Not Forgotten.
Joseph T. Kilgore is Gone But Not Forgotten.
Fannie Mae Sue Rowland is Gone But Not Forgotten.
James V. Johnson is Gone But Not Forgotten.
William and Emma Steel are Gone But Not Forgotten.
Robert Jeff and Ada M. Mayfield are Gone But Not

Bootsie Swafford's headstone is a bench.
On certain nights, she sits there and she whispers

Arlington Memorial Park, Sandy Springs, GA
Capitol Memorial Park Cemetery, Austin, TX
Kimball Crossing Cemetery, Kimball, TN
Mount Zion Cemetery, Queens, NY
United Methodist Church Cemetery, Sandy Springs, GA

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September 2007


Russell Streur is a born-again dissident and a resident of Atlanta, Georgia. His works have been recently published in Half Drunk Muse, Megaera, Poems Niederngasse, Raving Dove and The Blanket (Ireland).

Where loss is found.

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