Lost In Sound, 2009

by the Editors

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, age 50.

The composer and pianist Elton John postponed several concerts on The Red Piano Tour, after falling ill with E.coli.

A U2 concert held at the Brandenburg Gate to mark the twentieth anniversary of the Berlin Wall's fall became controversial after a wall was built around the venue.

Mary Travers, of Peter, Paul & Mary, age 72.

Guitar legend Les Paul, né Lester William Polsfuss, age 94.

In an annual report by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, it was revealed that 95 percent of music available online is downloaded illegally.

Blender Magazine — "The Ultimate Guide to Music and More" — shut down after eight years.

Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails completed the band's farewell tour.

Consistently feuding British band Oasis split up.

The drummer of The Shins reported he was fired and went on to open a taco truck in Portland, OR


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The Death of a Temptation, by Alix Strauss
Paradise by the Dashboard Light, by Arthur Jones
I Don't Want to Hurt That Man, I Just Want to Kill Him Dead, by Peter Patnaik
John Philip Sousa vs. "Canned Music", by Elijah Wald
Library Privileges, by Andrew Phillips
Lost In Sound, by the Editors