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January 2009

Lost Last Month

Not a single life aboard US Airways Flight 1549, in spite of losing both engines to a flock of geese and being forced to ditch in the Hudson River. The democratic process, and simple addition, the moment Al Franken's victory in Minnesota's highly contested Senate race is certified. Apple, Inc.'s steward, at least temporarily, after CEO Steve Jobs takes a six-month medical leave of absence. Any notion that the Somali pirates are able seamen, after a boat carrying eight pirates from the freed supertanker MV Sirius Star capsizes in the Gulf of Aden, causing the deaths of five and the loss of their portion of the $3 million ransom. The Israeli-Palestinian cease-fire, when repeated rocket and mortar attacks against Israel lead to Israeli airstrikes on Gaza. No luxuries of disgraced money manager Bernie Madoff's, still living in his New York City penthouse as per his bail agreement. George W. Bush's presidency, as Barack Obama is (clumsily) sworn in as the forty-fourth President of the United States.

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The Farm, by Frank Womble
This was the Promise, by James Scott
The Crime Scene Cleaner, by Alan Emmins
The Inheritance, by Abby Frucht
Creative Writing, by Edward Chupack
History, by Clyde L. Borg
Sociology, by Thomas Sullivan
January 2009

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