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March 2007

Lost last month

Switzerland's reliable neutrality, after 171 infantrymen get lost and cross the border, accidentally invading Liechtenstein. $22.5 million in food aid, given to Ghana by the USAID, when the county began a 12 month celebration to mark 50 years of independence from British rule — at a cost of $20 million. Bob Woolmer, 58, British cricketer and coach of the Pakistan national cricket team, found murdered in Jamaica following his team's early elimination from the 2007 Cricket World Cup. Colorado's search for a second official state song, after selecting John Denver's Rocky Mountain High. A small mystery of the brain, when the ventromedial prefrontal cortex was identified as the part that combines logic and emotion to make moral decisions. 62 NCAA Division 1 Tournament games. The chance for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to see daylight again, after confessing to masterminding the September 11 attacks as well as several others. Lucie Aubrac, 94, member of the French resistance.

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The Things We Make, by Mary Phillips-Sandy
The Sting and the Honey, by Edmund Eugene Mullins
Richard and Anna Wagner, by Douwe Draaisma
323 Prospect Place, by Josh Jackson
Letting Go: Highschool, by Jeff Steinbrink
Geography, by George Konrád
Literature, by Todd Zuniga
Risk Management, by Peter Joseph
March 2007

Where loss is found.

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