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March 2006

Some of what we lost last month.

Charles Newman, first editor of TriQuarterly, 67. Winter. The Falcon, private space company SpaceX's first rocket, over the Pacific. An Ernst & Young laptop containing social security numbers of some of its clients' employees. Buck Owens, Country Singer, 76. "Timone" 56 NCAA Division 1 basketball tournament games. Bob's Root Beer, a diner in Reno, NV, after 46 years. $8.9 million by New York City to a man who lost both legs in a 2003 ferry accident. The United States baseball team in the World Baseball Classic, twice. Eleven people, 10,000 cattle and horses, and 840,000 acres to wildfires in the Texas Panhandle. Slobodan Milosevic, 64. A chance at justice.

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Articles in this Issue

Looters in the Temple, by Roger Atwood
Sacrifice, by Alexai Galaviz-Budziszewski
What I Cannot Replace, by Laura Lifshitz
The Butler Garage, by Antonio Hopson
Messages Worth the Waiting, by Leslie Leyland Fields
Performing Arts, by Dan Hirshon
Journalism , by Marilyn Johnson
Regional Planning, by Helen Ruggieri
Tourism, by Matthew Roberts
March 2006

Where loss is found.

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