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March 2009

Lost Last Month

The President of Guinea-Bissau, Joao Bernardo Vieira, assassinated by a group of soldiers. Georgia's entry into the Eurovision Song Contest, "We Don't Wanna Put In", a thinly veiled reference to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, dismissed from the competition after pressure from the Soviet Union. The Dalai Lama's attendance at a peace conference in Johannesburg, after his visa is denied by South Africa due to pressure from China. Effective terminology, when President Obama rebrands the "Global War on Terror" as the "Overseas Contingency Program." The Vatican's Luddite ways, after Pope Benedict XVI acknowledges mistakes in rescinding a bishop's excommunication for Holocaust denial, upon learning plentiful evidence existed on YouTube. Thousands of lives, in the on-again civil war in Sri Lanka. Two million dollars off the asking price of Bran Castle in Romania, former home of Dracula's prototype, Vlad the Impaler, proving the far reaches of the housing market bust.

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Articles in this Issue

Dispatch from the American Arctic: A Sense of Despair, by Bill Streever
The Feast of Stephen, by Annie Breeding
The Life and Death of Señor Armando, by Meredith Cornett
After the Boat Went Down, by Alan Huffman
English, by Martha Brockenbrough
Sociology, by Corinne Loveland
History, by Clyde L. Borg
March 2009

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