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February 2009

Lost Last Month

Londoners' stiff upper lip, after the heaviest snowfall since 1991 keeps an estimated six million home from work. Tom Daschle's nomination as Secretary of Health and Human Services, withdrawn in the wake of alleged tax improprieties. Indiana Jones' peace of mind, when fossils from Columbia revealed Titanoboa cerrejonensis, the largest snake ever discovered. Late Night With Conan O'Brien, after a 16-year run. Two hundred and ten lives during the utterly devastating bushfires raging through Victoria, Australia. Ageism at Westminster, dashed by the ten-year-old Sussex Spaniel, "Stump", the oldest dog ever to win Best In Show. Michael Phelps' Midas touch, following publication of a photo of him smoking marijuana. Further tarnishing of champion athletes, when Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez admits to using steroids, to the surprise of … few. The rights to the supposed treasure aboard the HMS Victory, which sank in 1744, by the American salvage company Odyssey Marine Exploration, who recovered the wreck from the English Channel, to the United Kingdom, under claims that the remains are "sovereign immune." The quest to surpass Sampras's Grand Slam record, for the moment, after Nadal takes the Australian Open from Federer.

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Escape from America, by Bruce Falconer
Scarecar, by John Cotter
Gravestones, by Christina Holzhauser
Clotheslines, by Beth Powning
Foreign Language, by Kirsten Giebutowski
History, by Ann Marie Byrd
Obituaries, by Captain Elias
February 2009

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