LOST Elections

You may not know or remember names like William Bryan, Alton Parker, or James Cox. Within this new issue of LOST, you'll meet them and others belonging to their noble, sad club. They battled for the U.S. presidency, losing to Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, and Warren Harding, and this year, our annual summer theme issue looks back at the losers of American presidential elections, including theirs.

The 2008 presidential election will be the 56th, and it will put the 44th President into office. And it will add at least one name to the list of candidates who received electoral votes but did not win the presidency — currently 89.

Though many losers faded away, seven (John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John Q. Adams, Andrew Jackson, William Harrison, Grover Cleveland, and Richard Nixon) proved that losing one race can mean winning another. Others kept losing:  Aaron Burr, Charles Pinckney, George Clinton, Henry Clay, William Bryan, and Adlai Stevenson all won electoral votes while losing multiple elections.

We hope you'll keep getting lost, too. So put the 2008 election aside — pick a date on our homepage's ballot and revisit history's often quirky commentary on losing candidates past.


Articles in this Issue

1864 - George B. McClellan (D)
1868 - Salmon P. Chase (D)
1872 - Horace Greeley (D)
1876 - Samuel J. Tilden (D)
1880 - Winfield Scott Hancock (D)
1884 - James G. Blaine (R)
1888 - Grover Cleveland (D)
1904 - Alton B. Parker (D)
1908 - William J. Bryan (D)
1916 - Charles E. Huges (R)
1920 - James M. Cox (D)