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April 2008

Lost Last Month

Evidence of waning endorsement for the upcoming summer games in China, as protesters attempt to block the course of the Olympic Torch. Actor Wesley Snipes's battle with the IRS, after being sentenced to three years in prison for tax violations. Wrigley Company, the world's largest chewing gum manufacturer, bought by Mars, Incorporated. Northwest Airlines, bought by Delta, a deal that will create the world's largest air carrier. Ship captains' peace of mind, when a French yacht in the Gulf of Aden is boarded by Somali pirates. 2002 Kentucky Derby winner War Emblem's libido, resulting in no live foals since 2005, costing his Japanese owners almost $55 million in stud fees. The old boys' club of American motor racing, after Danica Patrick becomes the first woman to win a race in any top-flight series. Challengers to lethal injection as a form of capital punishment, after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld its constitutionality. Midwesterners' nerves, tested after a magnitude 5.2 earthquake was registered in Illinois. A shipload of Mugabe's weapons, en route from China, turned away by Zimbabwe's neighbors who refused to allow the vessel to dock at their ports. Oh to be a landlocked country.

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Balance, by Scott McCredie
Repair History, by Edward Hardy
Princesses and Jacks, by Peter Allison
Queens of the Thirties, by Stephen L. Meyers
Lost Balls, by Charles Lindsay
Medicine, by Nesta Rovina
Dentistry, by Jeff Steinbrink
Stuntology, by Sam Bartlett
April 2008

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