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Lost Last Month

March 2008

Green Bay's pride and joy, as quarterback Brett Favre retires from the NFL after 17 years. The lives of four New Yorkers after a construction crane collapses on a residential building in midtown Manhattan. Some lingering Israeli-German animosity, dispelled during Chancellor Angela Merkel's address to the Knesset in which she claimed "Germany will always stand by the Jewish state." Eliot Spitzer's post as Governor of New York, upon the discovery of his connection to a prostitution ring. Another reason to support the Beijing Games, as the death toll of Tibetans climbs well past 100 since protests began in Lhasa the first week of the month. Mike Huckabee's presidential run, after withdrawing his candidacy. The existence of Bear Stearns, following liquidity problems and the subsequent announcement of JPMorgan Chase's plan to buy the bank for $2 a share. Hamster ownership in Vietnam, after the pet is banned. John Ritter's family's chance at a $67 million settlement, when a jury clears the doctors accused in the actor's wrongful death lawsuit. Bill Gates's title as richest man in the world, after Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett takes the top spot.

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Orange Dreams, by Angela M. Graziano
Fine Arts, by Adam Simon
Education, by Margaret McMullan
Orienteering, by Jason Bartholomew
Lost Last Month

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