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February 2008

Lost Last Month

Super Bowl XLII and a chance at a perfect 17-0 season, by the New England Patriots at the hands of the New York Giants. Remnants of the Gambino crime family, after an anti-Mafia sweep in the U.S. and Italy results in mass arrests. 4 paintings totaling in value over $162 million, stolen from the Foundation E.G. Buhrle, a Zurich museum. The paintings were by Cezanne, Degas, Van Gogh and Monet. 6 students dead and 18 injured after a gunman opens fire at Northern Illinois University. A broken National Reconnaissance Office spy satellite, and the troubling amount of unused hydrazine fuel on board, successfully destroyed in space by a U.S. Navy missile, on the first shot. Adventurer Steve Fossett, declared legally dead by a judge in Illinois, 5 months after he disappeared in the Nevada desert. The Brown Pelican, from the Endangered Species list, after a successful campaign and 20 year rebound. 143 million pounds of raw and frozen beef, in the largest meat recall in the United States. Americans, in the 4 acting categories at the 80th Annual Academy Awards, after Javier Bardem (Spain), Tilda Swinton (England), Daniel Day-Lewis (England and Ireland) and Marion Cotillard (France) take the prizes instead.

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Articles in this Issue

Reversing the Culture of Destruction, by Anthony M. Tung
Family of Man, by Marc Mewshaw
Aural Photographs, by Alissa Tallman
Historic Williamsburg, by T.M. Pugh
Garbage Land, by Elizabeth Royte
Entomology, by Michelle Wilson
Home Economics, by John Darling
Linguistics, by Richard Lederer, Ph.D.
February 2008

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