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Lost Last Month

August 2007

A bridge, into the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, killing at least 12. Henry Aaron's Major League Baseball record of 755 career home runs, to Barry Bonds. 83 different Fisher-Price brand toys, 1,000,000 Mattel toys, and 250,000 address books, all made in China and recalled for containing high levels of lead. Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, Advisor Karl Rove, and Press Secretary Tony Snow, resigning from their appointments in the Bush administration. Six miners, deep within a Utah mine. Ex-National Basketball Association referee Tim Donaghy's reputation after pleading guilty following a probe into his betting on games he officiated . The view of the moon, to the Earth's shadow in an eclipse. National Football League star Michael Vick's old life, after pleading guilty to a federal dogfighting charge. Many of Michael Vick's dogs, potentially, if their fight training makes it difficult for them to find homes. The dog days.

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Articles in this Issue

The Chore Coat, by Adrienne Mercer
Beauty That Shines Through, by Krista Landers
On Brautigan, by Justin Taylor
Deaf not Deaf, by Josh Swiller
My Guitar Flies Solo to Bucharest, by Glenn Kurtz
Communications, by Phillip Routh
International Law, by Marguerite Feitlowitz
Automotive Technology, by Jeff Steinbrink
Lost Last Month

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