Mexican-American War

Journal Entries.

by James Nagle

Daily diary entries leading up to the Siege of Veracruz in March, 1847.

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Sunday [February] 14th
Took three mexican prisoners who were Supposed to be spies put them in irons. the Same night the camp was alarmed By the fireing of the Sentinels Belonging to the South Carolinana Regt. of Vols. command. by Col. Butler. the troops were all up and Ready for action in an instant But the alarm proved to be false Thomas Gilpin stabbed in face with Bayonett accidental in the Rush getting Ready.

Monday 15th
The Statesman arrived today She had been given up as lost owning to the length of her voyage and no tideings from her Since we left N. Orleans

Tuesday 16th
this morning the men from the last transport came on Shore and encamped along with the rest of the Regt.

Wednesday 17th
Weather very hot men Busy performing Police duty also washing clothing and Bathing

Thursday 18th
another vessel arrived with more troops

Friday 19th
The Rockett + howitzer companies arrived to day with a Splendid Brass Band Burried Serveral men of S. Carolina Regt

Saturday 20th
Nothing worthy of record except two more deaths in S. Carolina Regt

Sunday 21st
today Gen. Scott arrived in Steam Ship Massachusetts and was saluted by 17 guns from the St. Mary, and also from the Island he immediately ordered the Mississippi and Louisana Regts of vols to leave one for Barazos [sic] the other for Tampico.

Monday 22d
Being Washington's Birth day some of the companies celebrated it By a grand dinner and the Sloop St. Mary fired a National Salute and also from the Island, patriot Speeches were delivered and the day passed off with hilarity and Spirit

Tuesday 23rd
this day the Mississippi + Louisana Regt. embarded upon their respective ships and saled from the Island of Lobos the Carpenters were also ordered on Board of our transports to get Ready for a Start.

Wednesday 24th
Lieut. Kretzmise Elected capt in D. company. Regular died on Shipboard Burried on the Island.

Thursday 25th
this morning immediately after Revillee we commenced preperations for embarkation our Regt Paraded + was inspected by Col. Hitchcock aid to Gen Scott every thing was ready to Leave the Island at 12 oclock. the three Mexican prisoners were now left at Liberty

Friday 26th
this morning we Received orders to have our Muster Rolls Ready to be Mustered fifteen more Sails arrived to day with troops

Saturday 27th
vessels still continued to arrive forming a fleet of about 50 sails. Strict orders from Gen Scott were read on Board of every transport conveying troops.

Sunday 28th
was visited By the inspecting officers to examine the arms + accouterments to be satisfied that they were in good order for Service

Monday March 2st 1847
Nothing of any consequence except the arrival of another Steam vessel.

Tuesday 2d
we were addressed on the decks of the Ship Oxnard by Col. Wynkoop with a Spirited little Speech we then received fourty rounds of ammunition and other Nessesary with orders to Keep our arms in perfect order

Wednesday 3d
Got under way to day for VeraCruz in company with Several other transports left three companies of the 2d PA Regt on the Island of Lobos they haveing the small pox amongst them.



James Nagle:  Capt. James Nagle served in Co. B, 1st Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers and his is one of the few soldiers' diaries from the Mexican-American War. Read the rest of his diary here; learn more about Nagle here.

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