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February 2007

Lost last month

The ultimate Parisian convention, after a citywide ban on smoking in public places is instituted. Kosovo’s bid for independence, after the Parliament of Serbia rejects a United Nations proposal. Anna Nicole Smith, 39, only five months after the death of her son, Daniel. The non-secret of Iran's support for Hezbollah & Iraqi insurgents. Super Bowl XLI, by the Chicago Bears, to the Indianapolis Colts. 340,000 people's homes in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, destroyed by floods. 1,600 British troops from the coalition in Iraq, announced this month by Prime Minister Tony Blair. The rights of dogs in Clifton, NJ, when an ordinance setting limits on how long they can bark is set at the end of the month. Competition in the satellite radio marketplace, as Sirius and XM announce plans to merge.

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What the Stones Remember, by Patrick Lane
Our Dog Riley, by Emily Taylor
My Dad, by David Caplan
The Polish Estate in Germany, by Fred Bruemmer
Burn, by Frank Huyler
Communications, by Frank Womble
Cinematography, by David Lynch
Biology, by Allan Kellehear
February 2007

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