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January 2007

Lost last month

One longstanding political convention, as Nancy Pelosi becomes the first woman to serve as Speaker of the US House of Representatives. AFC Championships, by New England Patriots at the hands of Indianapolis Colts. NFC Championships, by New Orleans Saints at the hands of Chicago Bears. Australian Open, by Fernando Gonzalez and Maria Sharapova to Roger Federer and Serena Williams, respectively. Half a day of work for several New Yorkers, after an unknown odor causes the evacuation of office buildings in midtown Manhattan, and the suspension of PATH trains. Art Buchwald, 81, humorist and columnist. Islamic militias' stronghold in Somalia, at least temporarily, following Ethiopian offensive. Power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses, as well as 87 lives, in the wake of a devastating ice storm spanning from Maine to Missouri, affecting Texas, the Carolinas, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma and beyond. EU exclusivity, with the entrance of Bulgaria and Romania. Most 14-year olds' sense of accomplishment, upon the news that 14-year old Michael Perham had become the youngest person ever to sail single-handed-ly across the Atlantic in an arduous six-week voyage. All footage of Steve Irwin's death from a stingray barb to his heart, according to his wife, Terri.

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This Has Happened, by Piera Sonnino
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Musicology, by Bryan Bruchman & Mary Phillips-Sandy
Bibliography, by Stuart Kelly
Human Resources, by Sarah Norris
January 2007

Where loss is found.

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