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October 2006

Lost last month.

The lives of five Amish girls between the ages of seven and 13 during a school shooting in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Adherents to Hinduism, as hundreds of low-caste Hindus convert to Buddhism and Christianity in mass ceremonies in India. Two lives, including those of Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle and his flight instructor, when Lidle's plane crashed into a Manhattan apartment building. YouTube.com, to Google, Inc., for $1.65 billion. The sense of humor, momentarily, of Kazakh president Nursultan Nazarbayev, in anticipation of the film release of Borat. The New York Mets, to the St. Louis Cardinals, for the National League Division Title. The Oakland A's to the Detroit Tigers, for the American League Division Title. The Detroit Tigers to the St. Louis Cardinals, in the World Series. Principle underlining the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, after North Korea announced they had conducted their first nuclear test.

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Manzanar, by Karen Piper
The Phoenix Agent, by Robley Wilson
The Life of One Man as Found in the Garbage, by Elizabeth Monoian
My Berlin, by Karin Finell
Coats of Arms, by Justin Bednarz
Criminology, by Ralph Gardner
Paranormal Technology, by Alex Boese
Athletics, by Zack Hample
October 2006

Where loss is found.

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