From the Editors

Home is everything. From childhood homes to first homes, hometowns to home teams, it's where the heart is.

And it's the theme that runs through our new issue.

Ever wonder about the left-behind houses you pass while driving, or the houses buried back off country roads? This writer excavates a lost house's history.

Ever wish you could go back inside the house you grew up in? This writer did and wrote about it for us.

Ever wonder if home was a place, or a state of mind?

Ever found yourself in someone else's home and pictured yourself living there?

Ever wondered if your home was haunted—even hoped it was?

Ever found home more in people than places? Ever had to?

Or seen how people rally around homes in times of hardship?

Come on in, and make yourself, well, at home. Every entry is original, every reader welcome.

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