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What LOST Does

LOST Magazine is an online magazine with a singular mission — to reclaim in writing lost people, places, and things. Each publication revolves around a theme. In each issue, LOST might publish a range of short personal or narrative nonfiction, mid-length nonfiction, very long, serious nonfiction, short stories, poetry, strange bits, and/or photo essays. These works are "obituaries in prose," and LOST strives to publish pieces on both the significant and obvious and the insignificant and obscure.

LOST's focus is both definite and infinite, and guided by an overarching ideal of commemoration. LOST hopes to publish a print collection of its most lost pieces each year. LOST sponsors events that may include readings of work from LOST, readings inspired by LOST, or examples of other kinds of art that have something to do with lost people, places, and/or things. LOST believes that writing is the best way to express the life around people, places, and things that are gone. LOST seeks to publish both established and emerging writers and both solicits submissions and accepts unsolicited submissions.

Lose yourself; come get LOST.

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